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by Bruce Elliott Johansen

This book was a mistake on my part. I wanted to read about the influence of the Iroquois Confederacy on the United States founding. The book is not about that, at least the first half isn't. I wouldn't know about the second part. I didn't finish it. I read 30 pages and skimmed another 50 to see if the author ever got to the actual evidence of his thesis. I don't think he ever does.

The book starts off horribly with a foreword essentially declaring the author and his supporters as martyrs to truth. Their self-righteous, petty attempt at playing the victim is pathetic. The blasting of their opponents starts soon after that. From this start, the author lost considerable credibility with me. They claim the academic community has been unfair and downright nasty to them. It seems they are no better. The author is just as nasty toward them.

After the bad start, the attack on mainstream academia continues in the first two chapters. Johansen tells of his struggles and the others who support his position. The problem is he never explains why I should care. In fact, the talk of ideas is entirely absent from the first third of this book.

It is a huge literary example of passive-aggressiveness. It has soft language but under the surface it is very nasty. It is a hatchet job against political correctness, conservatives, liberals, scholars, journalists, and pundits. Unpleasant.

I didn't want to read a book about hate. I didn't want a play-by-play of a petty argument between professors and researchers. I wanted to learn about the Iroquois.

I should've read the summary more closely.

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