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by Noah St. John

The fear of success, also known as self-sabotage, paralyzes million of men and women from all walks of life, preventing them from fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals. This book is the first to identify the condition that underlies, and actually produces, self-sabotage: success anorexia. It is also the first book to present a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, practical program that shows readers how to overcome the psychological dynamic of success anorexia, and finally to allow themselves to succeed.

Readers will learn that the best how-to-succeed program in the world will not help as long as they continue to sabotage their own success. Rather than providing the latest technique for "how to get what you want,"" "how to influence people" or "how to make lots of money," "Permission to Succeed" identifies what causes self-sabotage, shows readers that they are allowed to succeed, teaches them how to overcome their own self-sabotage and helps them implement their own individual programs for achieving personal success.

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