PDF Legon Awakening (Legon, #1): PDF

by Nicholas Taylor

Set in a world that is not our own, Legon Awakening takes you through an epic journey into a land full of wonderment, illusion, and innovation.

Legon is a simple young man in the small town of Salmont, a town in the center of the Empire that few know about and even fewer care about. All he wishes to do is to start his own butcher shop and take care of his adopted sister and family. Legon is not from Salmont and echoes from his parents past are coming up to haunt him. Legon finds himself being caught in the war that claimed his biological parents lives and now threatens everything he has. He must flee from everything he knows and journey to land of his ancestors to keep all that he loves safe.

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  • Legon Awakening (Legon, #1): PDF
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PDF Legon Awakening (Legon, #1)

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