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by Deborah Morris

Kids and preteens devour reality-based dramas. Author Deborah Morris provides that and more in hair-raising detail in Teens 911, a brand new series filled with spine-tingling adventures of real teens saved from a life-threatening encounter by relying on their bravery and sheer survival skills.

Each book in the series contains five to six true stories from teenage boys and girls, along with their photos and reality snapshots of the adventure. A wrap-up with facts and trivia appears at the end of each story entitled: "Survival Skills: What to Do if You're Ever...", much like the best-selling Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

The series' debut book includes: Snowbound-a story of three teenage friends who face hypothermia and potential tragedy on a ski trip gone awry; Helicopter Crash-an adventure in which a thirteen-year-old girl saves her father's life; Teacher in Trouble-a quick-thinking teen's account of saving his teacher's life by performing CPR; Up in Smoke-an amazing tale of a teen who saves his little brother from a deadly fire; and Salmon River Rescue-a story of a valiant river rescue.

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