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by Amanda Ackerman

The Seasons Cemented
by Amanda Ackerman

Amanda Ackerman lives in Los Angeles where she writes and teaches. She is co-editor of the press eohippus labs. She is a member of UNFO (The Unauthorized Narrative Freedom Organization) and writes as part of SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS. Her collaborative book Sin is to Celebration has been recently released from House Press. Her work has also been published or is forthcoming in in flim forum: A Sing Economy, String of Small Machines, The Physical Poets, WOMB, Moonlit, Source Material: A Journal of Appropriated Text, and Area Sneaks.

About _The Seasons Cemented_

"Amanda Ackerman, The Seasons Cemented (Hex Presse 2010, chapbook) A series of seasonal poems, aseasonally written (“Spring Poem Written in Autumn,” “Summer Poem Written in Winter,” “again, an Ignored Equinox (Spring into Summer)”, etc.) Everything one might want in a year’s worth of poems, cyclically put, plus buckets of fun. I.e., great lines: “Is that my face on someone else?” (“Winter Poem Written in Autumn”); great sequences: “And you hate filing. / And this had no mystery. / And you are greedy because you drew attention to yourself in public.” (“Winter Poem Written in Summer”); and good, clean epistemology: “I am so scared of the winter—or I used to be, when there was nothing to” (“Winter Poem Written in Autumn”). Amanda is somewhat quiet by nature, though not, as it turns roundly out, by Nature. More should be known of the work of Amanda Ackerman by more others and their others."

-Vanessa Place (http://www.constantcritic.com/vanessa...)

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