PDF Photoshop 5 for Windows for Dummies: PDF

by Deke McClelland

Turn an average image into an unforgettable work of art! With his characteristic easygoing style, Photoshop guru Deke McClelland guides you through the world of pixels, paintbrushes, and special effects — a digital world of endless possibilities waiting only for your imagination. Inside, find helpful advice on how to Find your way through the new Photoshop toolbox Explore the new History palette, magnetic tools, editable text, and layer effects Clean up bad scans and poor pictures Control the resolution and dimension of an image Perform special painting-tool tricks Create interesting collages by using layers Try new effects with filters Prepare images for professional printing or Web publishing Save time and sanity with effective and efficient Photoshop shortcuts PLUS, discover the ten most amusing ways to mess up a loved one's face

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PDF Photoshop 5 for Windows for Dummies

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