PDF Halloween Sky and Other Nightmares: PDF

by Robin Morris

Fourteen tales of fear and weirdness collected for your delectation. Now in a second edition with a Table of Contents, new cover, and better formatting.

Halloween Sky: 14 year old Anne flees the demons who are always behind her and faces parental fury when she gets home, all under a Halloween sky.

The Man Who Knew: A bored cop in a suburb of Chicago meets a man who knows the date of everyone's death. That date is May Twelfth.

The Old Silk Hat: The song doesn't tell the whole story. A very old man tells the rest to his grandson. He tells what happened the next summer.

Hotel: A convention goer knows that the hotel will never let him go.

The Eyeball Problem: What do you do when you have an eyeball in your hand and can't get rid of it?

The Hole in the Garden: Dead husband, big new house, and a baby who speaks too early.

I Imagine: He promised her, but...

South Dakota: Maggie makes her plans in her notebook. Her dying town on the plains will soon be a ghost town.

The Basement Window: If you rent a basement room in a city you don't know, and find things living there you never knew existed, will you flee or find a new life?

The Empress Ygloriane: She is the Empress. She is all. She cannot die. Every little piece of her will find its way back.

The Turkish Knives: The best juggler in the world knows the secret of the Turkish knives. Josh shouldn't have gone looking for him.

Love the Building: A Census worker finds love and madness.

Country Acres: In a pretty suburban subdivision, the old ways are still practiced.

The Mayor: 15 years after the zed war, unliving zeds are no longer the worst monsters in the world. In the ruins of a large city, The Mayor is a dictator and a crime boss, and commits unspeakable acts.

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