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by Robert Sedgewick

Software developers and computer scientists have eagerly awaited this comprehensive revision of Robert Sedgewick's landmark texts on algorithms for C++. Sedgewick has completely revamped all five sections, illuminating today's best algorithms for an exceptionally wide range of tasks. This shrink-wrapped package brings together Algorithms in C++, Third Edition, Parts 1-4 and his new Algorithms in C++, Third Edition, Part 5. Together, these books are the most definitive, up-to-date, and practical algorithms resource available. The first book introduces fundamental concepts associated with algorithms; then covers data structures, sorting, and searching. The second book focuses entirely on graphing algorithms, which are critical for a wide range of applications, including network connectivity, circuit design, scheduling, transaction processing, and resource allocation. Sedgewick focuses on practical applications, giving readers all the information, diagrams, and real (not pseudo-) code they need to confidently implement, debug, and use the algorithms he presents. Together, these books present nearly 2,000 new exercises, hundreds of new figures, and dozens of new programs.

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