PDF Bridget and the Gray Wolves: PDF

by Pija Lindenbaum

A timid girl tames a wolf pack.
Bridget is a very careful child. She never climbs on roofs or pets dogs or jumps over ditches. In fact, she's afraid of most things. But when Bridget gets lost and meets up with a pack of gray wolves in the deep, dark woods, she takes charge. First she makes them play even though they prefer to "lurk behind trees and snarl." They aren't much good at games, though. When their stomachs begin to growl, she feeds them her mud soup, and finally she puts them to bed after having sent them off to their peeing trees.
Humorous, bold art— little, freckled Bridget in her red, hooded sweatshirt, huge shaggy, gray wolves, and tall purple pines— perfectly compliments this very funny tale.

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PDF Bridget and the Gray Wolves

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