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by Lee Marcus

"The rainbow nation of South Africa, is teetering on the brink of the new
Millennium accompanied by the sound of outraged toyi-toyi-ing protesting
over unemployment, lack of housing, taxi violence, police handlers and
their dogs. So, visibly all is as usual, but under the surface something fearful
is brewing, seemingly unnoticedexcept by Mr. Torrington, head of Intelligence.
He is alerted and alarmed by a series of strange events.

He has a preposterous theory, which he relates to David Soames, a nuclear scientist. Soames doesn't believe the outlandish nonsense, but two men are
Dead; two more, both eminent scientists, have vanished. Unwillingly he
agrees to investigate.When Joella Martin, the love of David's life, becomes
involved, drawn into a dangerous situation Torrington knows in his gut that
time is running out.

Within each person exists courage and resourcefulness never guessed
at until needed. As the action moves from South Africa to Israel and on
to Egypt, David and Joella find both, when separately they face death
until Torrington finds the last fiendish filament, which completes the
brilliant web which has been years in the spinning…

This is a light hearted, romantic thriller, which looks at an all too
possible, dire threat to the whole world."

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