PDF RAF Airfields of World War 2: PDF

by Jonathan Falconer

This book gives complete coverage of all the RAF airfields in World War 2 in Britain, including all the RAF Fighter, Bomber, Coastal, and Transport Command airfields and bases of the period. Each airfield is described with a short history, first-person accounts, and information on airfield buildings, illustrated with photographs and maps, making this book a complete and unique single-volume illustrated reference book covering all of the RAF’s frontline airfields in the UK during World War 2. General chapters also cover airfield construction and organization, orders of battle for each command at notable points of the war, and a significant part of the book is its tabular listings of RAF frontline airfields, including full details of location and user squadrons/units. Present-day usage of the airfields and the buildings is also covered. Firsthand accounts by veterans of the four wartime commands add a layer of compelling personal testimony to the book.

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PDF RAF Airfields of World War 2

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