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by Michael Stewart

At the age of 29, Guy Sullivan, a charismatic school teacher, leans that he is going blind. Even more unnervingly, as his sight deteriorates he begins to have flashes of "pre-vision", terrifying glimpses of future events.

Patrick Ross, an outstanding experimental biophysicist, is on the verge of an extraordinary breakthrough - restoring vision to a blinded cat. He believes he can do the same for Guy, but it will be a risky treatment and must be conducted in complete secrecy.

Lisa, 21, is the woman Guy has come to love, filling the void left in his life by the tragic death of his wife three years earlier. Lisa, who is launching into a career in television, is eager to share her life with Guy - but now finds him pushing her away for reasons she cannot understand.

Guy's son Jamie, now 11, unknown to anyone, watched his mother die and he has never been the same since. A quiet, solitary child, at home in the wooded countryside surrounding his school, Jamie has found a different father to confide in - one whose Word is as certain as it is powerful. His father's blindness, he knows, is God's punishment, and nothing must stand in nits way.

A blind man at the mercy of a dangerous small boy; a passionate young woman thwarted in her love, confused and desperate; a brilliant scientist at the dark frontier of knowledge, determined to make history... out of these strands emerges a hypnotic tale of suspense and human drama.

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