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by Peter Mutanda

Challenging, thought-provoking and moving, these poems were inspired by the author's day to day life experiences, from his humble beginnings in Zimbabwe to living in the USA and Europe. They raise awareness of maladies ravaging the lives of the poor and the corruption committed by elitist members of the ‘big society’, question racial bigotry and explore the current global political and social turbulence.

Peter Mutanda aka wa-Ndebele is a scriptwriter, author, actor, filmmaker, theatre director and community Theatre for Development (TfD) facilitator. He has facilitated Social Inclusive Participatory Arts Workshops, directed and produced award winning theatre pieces in Africa, Europe and USA. Peter has won numerous awards, ‘The Chain’ (Best Actor and Best Theatre Play, Windybrow Centre for the Arts in Johannesburg SA), ‘Gift’ (Creative Excellence Award, Source Theatre in Washington DC, USA), Afro-Brits Award for Arts and Culture and African Achievers’ Award in the UK. On top of that, Peter is a multi-lingual humanitarian, cultural activist and sociopolitical commentator whose productions raise awareness and echo concerns about sociopolitical maladies faced by disadvantaged people. Through his writings, Mutanda wa-Ndebele also mirrors his upbringing and the experiences he has gone through in his life so far.

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