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by Eiji Nonaka

Yutaka "Motion Sickness" Takenouchi makes his return in Cromartie High School, Vol. 8 after an extended absence.It appears that Takenouchi had been spending the time in therapy to conquer his one physical weakness: his inability to ride in a vehicle of any kind without getting violently ill.Although his ailment tends to be downright debilitating for the gargantuan student, his peers have never discovered this element of his persona, and find him to be perhaps the most terrifying delinquent amongst them all.

And the ever-popular Mechazawa, though featured prominently on the cover and title page (albeit in modified form), makes the briefest cameo within the opening chapter.Although, the introduction of a new character - an inventive spoof of The Terminator - makes up for this transgression.

The students of Cromartie unveil their more contemplative sides in this volume.They discuss the nuances of school evacuation drills versus actual emergencies, examine perceived variances within an individual's staid personality, and advise the unworldly Hayashida in the ways of courtship (for, as implausible as it may seem, he has been considering marriage in recent days).

Of course, none of the above results in a logical solution of any kind due to various flaws and whatnot.In fact, it would seem that regular conversation is perhaps the most dangerous thing that these young thugs engage in.

The chapters included herein were written around the time that a Cromartie High School animated program was announced.The details within the book are specific as to the anticipated scheduling of the program (fifteen minutes of airtime, weekly, at 1 a.m. on a Friday morning - an isolated a time slot as imaginable for the uniquely twisted series which author Eiji Nonaka states is "perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Cromartie High."And it is hard to argue that line of reasoning!), but little by way of production information, save for the company (Production I.G.) and esteemed director (Hiroaki Sakurai).

To American readers, however, this is old information, as ads for the English translated series have been running for several volumes (due to a three-year lapse between the original production of the manga, and its subsequent American release date).

All in all, Volume 8 remains a downright riotous addition to the Cromartie High School library.

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  • Cromartie High School, Volume 8 (Cromartie High School, #8): PDF
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PDF Cromartie High School, Volume 8 (Cromartie High School, #8)

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