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by C.S. Adler

I'm not sure how I ended up with this on my to-read list. This was the most bland and blah book I've read in a while. I really don't understand how it got a Mark Twain award. The reading level is very low - I'd guess upper elementary or lower middle school, which I didn't realize when I chose the book. The story is just 'meh,' the author throws in jabs at stay-at-home moms, there's a ton of fat shaming, an odd paragraph about sex and use of the word 'orgy' (in reference to food, but still) which isn't really appropriate to the reading level. All in all, I'm just really confused by the negative stuff in the story and there aren't enough good attributes, like an intense plot or deep characters, to make the negatives worthwhile. This book is definitely not for adults, and it was never intended to be, but I'm not sure who it would be for. I wouldn't let my child who is at this reading level read it, so I don't who exactly the intended audience is.

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