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by James D. Hudnall

James David Hudnall is an American writer who began his career in the comic book field in 1986 with the series Espers, published by Eclipse Comics. He later worked for Marvel and DC on such titles as Alpha Flight, Strikeforce: Morituri, and his own creation Interface, which was a sequel to Espers. He also wrote graphic novels such as Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography, Sinking, Streets and The Psycho. His series Harsh Realm was adapted to television by X-Files producer Chris Carter in 1998. Hudnall's other works includes: The Age of Heroes, Aftermath, Shut Up And Die, Two to the Chest, Chiller, Devastator, Hardcase and The Solution. He writes a libertarian leaning blog under the Pajamas Media group, a network of political blogs.

Hudnall switched from writing comics to internet development in the late 1990s, while producing more limited work over the years, such as Trigs for Humanoids and 2 To the Chest from his own company Dark Planet Productions. In 2009 he began writing for the conservative media criticism blog Big Hollywood, which was founded by Andrew Breitbart. He since created the weekly comic strip "Obama Nation" with comics artist Batton Lash for Big Hollywood, which is now running on Big Government and the news media criticism comics strip "Useful Idiots" with comics artist Val Mayerik which runs on Big Journalism.

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