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by Robert K. Massie

Read this as a teenager and I remember that it really affected me.I loved how the chapters were alternately written by the mother and father.The Massies recount their journey of raising a son who is a hemophiliac.

I found the photographs haunting, and felt a real connection with the son. I hope I can find this book and read it again.

Bought it used from B & N and started it last night.I was planning to reread this before looking up the current status of the disease's treatments.But I couldn't wait so I goggled it last night.The son Bobbie is a year older than I am and he has had a most fascinating life up to this point. Just a few years ago he had a living donor liver transplant and is now cured!The donor has 55 to 70% of their liver removed.In 4-6 weeks the donor's liver is fully functional and shortly thereafter it grows back to it's original size. Remarkable! This is not done to cure hemophilia but Bob had hepatitis 3 which destroyed his liver.The liver makes the blood's clotting factors so being cured of hemophilia was a bonus.In the 1970's when hemophiliacs were getting aids from transfusions, Bob didn't.He was immune to aids so scientists have studied him carefully.Aside from the unusual medical history, Bob has had an interesting life.An Episcopal minister, crusader against apartheid,
and a politician to name a few of his accomplishments.

As far as reading Journey:BRILLIANT!Really loved it the second time around.It's out of print so if any of my friends wish to read it,I'll be more than happy to loan it out.It's odd to read the medical costs that the Massie family incurred with this disease.Compared to today's prices 50 years later, it's like a 1000% increase. With the current health care policy debates, this story is as timely as ever.It's dreadful but it seems we have made no progress at all!

Massie is the author of Nicholas and Alexandra which he researched and wrote about because his own son was a hemophiliac.I read that many years ago and loved it too.Last fall I read his latest book Catherine the Great.Massie is a superb historical author.

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