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by Roger Priddy

Much as I wanted to like this book on account of the ecologically friendly paper, I just can't bring myself to recommend you go out and get this. Yes, the pictures of a different animal on each page is bright and clear. And yes, most of them have a colorful background behind them. And yes, the book is a good size for little hands to hold.

But come on. Last time I counted, there were over a bazillion animals on this planets. This book has something like 20 pages to it, so 20 animals. But we get one page with "chicks" on it, and another with a "hen" on it. How about splitting the difference, calling it a "chicken," and give me a new animal like a giraffe or platypus? And why show a "calf?" Why not just a "cow?" Wouldn't that be easier for babies to grasp since EVERY OTHER CHILDREN'S BOOK CALLS THEM COWS? Same goes for the "macaw." Maybe that's it's real name - like dolphin is to mahi-mahi - but I tell my daughter that's a parrot.

And the image of the tiger is that of a little tiger cub, not a full grown specimen. And the photo of the "bear"only shows its head and neck. I could on, but why bother. The same should apply to you when it comes to this book.

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