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by John Matthews

I've got a couple of John Matthews' books and while he certainly seems passionate about his subjects, I'm not convinced of the actual content. I bought this, thinking it was going to be fairly in-depth. I do realise that there's scant actual knowledge of Druidry, as practised in ancient times, so I reckoned there would be a lot of speculation involved here.

Matthews offers loads of meditations, guides to power totems and the like. They're interesting, but unless you have the time to devote to honing these skills, ultimately you won't get much out of this book. The small print (at least in the edition I have) and Matthews' dense writing (at times) don't help in getting a full grasp of the topic. After the first few chapters, I found myself skimming through the instructions of the incantations and exercises.

I'd recommend this to hard-core Celtic devotees only - everyone else might find it a bit too daunting to get through. I may give it another go myself in a while, to see if I can absorb more of the message.

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