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by Mark Rosenthal

How would you like to be awakened from a deep sleep by a kangaroo jumping on your head? What about being severely mauled by a werewolf? These, and many other remarkable stories, are found inside the pages of this book. Come take a journey through an animal experts life as he shares his most memorable stories, including how he actually died twice and came close more times than could be counted! This is a must read for animal lovers young and old alike.

Animal Magic is a licensed non-profit exotic animal rescue/educational facility owned and operated by Mark Rosenthal. He was voted Nickelodeon's Entertainer of the Year for Michigan and shares some of his most dangerous and humerous stories he's compiled over the past 40+ years. Every story in this book is true and you will finding yourselves reading them over and over again.

Mark Allen Rosenthal was born June 4, 1962 in Detroit, Michigan, and spent the majority of his school years in Oak Park, Michigan. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Mark s father introduced him to magic when Mark was eight-years-old. Mark practiced for many years and loved performing for his family. Mark became proficient enough to help pay his way through college. He acquired a job as a magician in 1984 at B Zar, a very popular nightclub, where he was discovered by a talent agent. He was then hired to perform at the Detroit Tigers 1984 Christmas party, the year they won the World Series. Mark was asked to perform at a cousin s birthday party in 1980, and he brought along some of his exotic pets. The rest, as they say, is history! Mark was hired by Clayton Environmental Research in Novi when he graduated college, and worked there for two years. He then decided to pursue his lifelong dream of working exclusively with animals. He started The Reptile Source, a reptile wholesale company, and quickly became one of the largest reptile dealers in the United States. He supplied over 1600 pet stores in the early 1990s. Mark decided to stop wholesaling to pet shops and entertain/educate full time when he saw too many stores selling exotic animals to anyone who could afford them, whether or not they knew what they were doing. This book is for animal lovers everywhere. Come take a journey back throughout Mark s life, as he relates some of his most memorable stories. He promises you will not only laugh, but shed a few tears as well.

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