PDF The Clar1ty Wars. Part One: PDF

by Patrick Todoroff

My interest in books started when I was nine, the year my baby brother shoved a pretzel down into the back of the television set and my parents' didn't bother to get it fixed. It was then I discovered science fiction, fantasy and military history.

Although I'd written plays, sketches, poems, lessons, sermons, and more during the intervening decades, "Running Black" became a 'put up or shut up' project. The first scenes were born in a Creative Writing class and the story kept spooling out like a runaway movie reel. It all ended up as my first novel.

The sequel "Shift Tense" is now available, as well as two sections of an ongoing cyberpunk series titled "Clar1ty Wars".

Other titles include a Celtic-flavored ghost story "The Barrow Lover" and the stand-alone short story, 'Sozo'.

Upcoming projects include more Eshu International, a post-apocalyptic fantasy, and a novel set in mythical ancient China.

More information, including sneak peeks and illustrated excerpts, can be found at: http://PatTodoroff.com

A thousand thanks.

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PDF The Clar1ty Wars. Part One

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