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by Isobelle Cate

Julianna had lost her husband Brody 5 years ago from the war and she pretty much just stayed inside her home and not going out only for a few things . so when her friend stopped by and tried to talk her into getting out more and start living life it was Julianna who was angry and didn’t want to hear the truth . she finally gave in and knew she needed to change. Dottie was telling her brother Simon to hurry but he had injured his knee in a war so he was sent back home only to take of his sister Dottie. Dottie was excited to see the fortune teller Simon didn’t want to be there as he didn’t believe in them. So the fortune teller gets done with Dottie but started on simon and he didn’t want to hear anymore and left. When she turned over his last card it was certain he had a choice to make. Julianna goes to a fair and she was ok to walk off on her own and explore , but when she finds this little area it was peaceful and that is when she meets Simon .she doesnt know how to react with him but she finds she feels more tingles and lust and love being around him. So when she leaves it is up to her if she wants to come back to see him again? What if the fortune teller could give him what he has always wanted? Will he take the risk of finding his mate?
I was gifted this book for my honest review and it was a short read andomg it was such a wonderful book.

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