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by Kate Brown

I don't read a lot of graphic novels, but I love reading fascinating stories with great illustrations. It took me one glance to fall for this graphic novel, the cover is *gorgeous*. The colours just make me want to dive in the sea!

The story centres around a fantasy world which is about to end (hello environmental theme!) and the need to find another place and another way to live. The main character is a young girl named Bekka who has her own personality and doesn't let herself get chewed on by anyone else. She has a pet - a Dodecapod named Fii - which follows her everywhere. From the beginning of the story, you know that something big and frightening is about to happen to this world, and it makes you even more passionate about it when you discover its beautiful landscapes (and especially underwaterscapes) and its inhabitants.

The style is very original, you can clearly spot some manga influences in there. I love the fact that the characters change expressions all the time which makes the story so much more vivid. The way the pages are organised is also - I find - very original, and it changes from the graphic novel pages divided in equal squares.

I absolutely loved the underwater illustrations and colours, it is simply wow. By the way, Bekka's people have this physical thing called webbed fingers which enables them to swim easily underwater. Which is awesome. (And yes, I secretly want webbed fingers myself)

I can't wait to read the new adventures of Bekka and the Prince Kaliel, because I can feel a romance building up there, where they travel to new places and try to find a way to save their world. Prince Kaliel comes from another people than Bekka and has other physical features specific to his people, which are equally awesome!

Anyways, this is a very quick read which offers beautiful images and a very promising story, you will definitely fall for Bekka and her world.

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