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by Carl W. Ernst

being a muslim, reading Carl's book is a curiosity to know how others, non muslims write about islam. so far i find it a balance writing. with such clarity of explaining the many misconceptions about islam, i fail to understand how can any one coming across such book would give a blind eyes to its content especially if the author himself is not a muslim.

starting to see other aspects of the author, it is not clear to me the intentions, is it to show how human the prophet muhammad is or it is the hidden agenda. "a man who is attracted to women". in it face value yes, human nature for a man to be attracted to a woman. but from the content of the narration i could not see how that fit the purpose of the chapter.

i found using of the words like "standard edition of the Quran" is to some extend a misleading as there are no standard and non standard edition of the Quran. the author discussing the Quran variation does not give justice to the truth. claiming that he has learned and mastered Arabic language, the author should know better what these deviations are not deviations but rather "readings" and each meaning is supporting the main meaning.

as iam reading the book i am writing this review. it is a trap it seems. sound like a sugar coated pill. the author started to discuss issues and topics without references as if they are facts totally misleading the reader. it is another orientalist who the author himself is warning us about!!! it could have been easier for him just to state clearly his agenda instead of hard working trying to disguise himself to be an honest balanced writer.

being against the idea of negative colonialism attitude does not justify for the author present inaccurate fact about islam. i though like the author last words as he raised a question " who should interpret the meaning of ISLAM" unfortunately he did not get the right answer, muslims themselves got the right to interpret their own believe.

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