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by Regina Paul

by Regina Paul
Heat rating:5 flames
Cover Art © 2009 by Shirley Burnett
Edited by Gaye Walton
Copyedited by Erin Cramer
Layout and Book Production by Ally Robertson
eBook ISBN: 978-1-926647-65-4
Print ISBN: 978-1-926647-73-9


Crew left his older lover Eagle to go into space, realizing his lifelong
dream. He was not ready to settle down when Eagle wanted to make
their bond formal. Eagle, a professor, has no use for space faring. Crew
knows Eagle was deeply hurt and angered by what he believed was
Crew’s desertion.

Now Crew is back. He’s not sure what kind of homecoming he will
find. Will the man who still holds the keys to his heart and desire make
him welcome or only tease and then reject him in revenge?


His mind made up, Crew walked over to Eagle, slid the jacket down his arms and threw it aside. Then holding his lover’s black gaze with his own, he unbuckled the belt at Eagle’s waist. He almost smiled when he saw Eagle’s eyes narrow, but kept it inside instead. Grabbing the end of the belt that held the buckle he pulled until it slid out of the loops of Eagle’s dress pants. Then still holding Eagle’s eyes, he dropped to his knees and rubbed his cheek against Eagle’s cloth covered erection. His lover’s scent wafted from the cloth, and Crew’s own cock which had never really gone down from before, hardened even further. He pushed his face into Eagle and continued to inhale the beloved scent. Eagle’s hands tangled in Crew’s sunny locks holding Crew in place as a groan wafted from above him. Long minutes later Crew unbuttoned and unzipped the man’s pants, sliding both the pants and Eagle’s boxers down his legs to his knees.

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