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by Ann Gabhart

I chose this book because the title caught my eye, it kind of related to me because I had to make myself a "bridge to courage" not literally but I had to stand up and ace my fears. This story is about a boy named Luke that wants to join the truelanders, but was considered a chicken and a coward, for not doing their dare. He got humiliated and everyone would threat him, but he knew he could handle it. Then he met a girl named Shea that became his new friend and she was by his side, and with her help he made his own bridge to courage. My favorite quote from this book is, "My father had once accused me of being afraid of my own shadow. In a way it was true. I had been afraid the shadow might drag me over with it", out of everything in this book, this ne as my favorite because I think it gives a personal insight on him. The author wrote the story from Luke’s, point of view. At first I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it, I just got it because of the title but I ended up enjoying it and I think other kids my age will really enjoy this book too.

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