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by Dorothy Edwards

I grew up reading the "My Naughty Little Sister" series by Dorothy Edwards. In retrospect this could have been a conscious decision made my Mum and Dad, lets just say there was MORE than a passing resemblance between the two little girls in the stories and my sister and I (No prizes for guessing which one I was!). My Naughty Little Sister goes Fishing was my favourite of the series.

Beautifully illustrated with the trademark sketches of Shirley Hughes, "My Naughty Little Sister goes fishing" tells the story of a big sister who is having a lovely day out with her friends; fishing, paddling and having a picnic in the sunshine. Unfortunately, she has to take her naughty little sister with her, and she cries and she cries and she cries all day! She falls in the water, gets her sandwiches wet, and generally causes a lot of trouble!

What strikes me most about these books is that because they are written in the 1950's, the settings seem as if they are from a lost Britain (the children, only aged around 7, are allowed to go out fishing alone, they go to the fun-fair alone and get brought home by a policeman and spend lots of days exploring out in the woods, completely free from restrictions, even the nextdoor neighbour invites the little sister for cocoa every evening by banging on the wall- not even a CRB check in sight!) and this is my favourite aspect of the stories. Reading them to modern day children gives them a little piece of the fun and free feeling all children should experience.

The books are written in a conversational style, as if the author is there telling them the story. This makes them fantastic to read at whole class story times, there are even comprehension questions built into the text! such as "You wouldn't do that would you?" and "Do you think that was a good thing to do?"

There are 5 books in the series and children enjoy getting to know the cast of returning characters in each.

All in all, these books show that children today are still the same as they ever were in many ways, and Dorothy Edwards, perhaps from having her own children, has managed to capture the magic of childhood and created stories that are still highly readable and relevant today.

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