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by J. Ligon Duncan III

I found The Genesis Debate: Three Views on the Days of Creation incredibly helpful and thought-provoking.The book is set up like a debate, with proponents of each of the three creation views deemed orthodox by reformed Christians presenting an opening essay, and then the other positions writing an essay in response, with a concluding essay by the initial team.I appreciated that all of the authors were committed to “the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation” and that the focus of the debate remained, for the most part, on the study of what the Bible actually says, rather than devolving into speculation and theorizing that can’t be either proven or disproven by the text.

Each of the sections—the 24 hour view, the day-age view, and the framework view—presents rigorous study and exegesis of the Scripture, as well as thoughtful and reasoned debate firmly grounded in the commitment that the Bible is God’s word, that God created the earth ex nihilo (out of nothing) and that God made man in His own image.I think that’s why I found the book so helpful–the views presented, while divergent in interpretation, were not different in ultimate worldview.

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