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by Jane Robinson

I asked for this book for Christmas because it sounded interesting; but also because I think it's entirely too easy for anyone in higher or further education to become disillusioned with it. While it annoys me that women may feel any more grateful than men for access to knowledge and the chance to earn a degree: it's undeniable that if it wasn't for the diligence of the determined few and the relative success of introducing the first women to University and degree programmes, things could have been very different today.
It was difficult while reading not to feel guilt at taking education for granted when it was so recently denied to women; but this isn't some dry biography that outlines and moralises the fight for the right to education. This book is full of wit and sentimental anecdotes which show just how far some women, and their families, were determined to go to get them into University. It shows that it was not all plain sailing but ends on a reassuringly positive note which is uplifting even though we are now living in the future that they helped make happen.

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