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by Lissa Halls Johnson

Sliced Heather on Toast is a suspenseful but humorous book. The book takes place at camp crazy bear when China Tate a missionary kid from Guatemala comes looking for a good time and some nice friends. She has always been the odd person out having no friends and always being a loner. As soon as China boards the bus to head to camp she hears a boy say "Oh no", "here comes the queen of everything." as Heather boards the bus the beautiful, raven- haired girl who is rude,conceded and annoying tries to make China's stay at camp miserable. In spite of Heather's heckling china finds new friends and feels like she has found the place she finally belongs.
This book is written so beautifully and is incredibly easy to understand. Johnson makes it so simple for you to convince yourself you are in the story. She describes the setting so well you feel like you are in the book.The thing I loved the most about this book was the suspense at the end of each chapter knowing that some prank is going to be puled or a secret is going to be told. I would recommend this book to any girl from the ages 10-14. If your a girl who loves drama, ,pranks, secrets, lies and friends this will be an exceptional book for you. I would most definitely read the next four book that Johnson has written for us and I cant wait to keep reading.

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