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by John Vorhaus

More than a million people play poker every day, and more and more of these gaming enthusiasts are discovering the rewards of playing online. Even casinos are now embracing the concept of Internet gambling. Killer Poker Online is the second in John Vorhaus's winning new series that will teach players how to adopt a warrior approach toward poker and will encourage them to completely change the way they think about the game. Filled with advice on how to dominate the enemy (even when the enemy is a computer) and how to master such games as Hold 'Em and Five Card Stud, this is The Art of War for on-line gamblers. Killer Poker will enable players to fix the flaws in their own games and build the skill necessary to dominate the on-line game. Players will learn how to spot the common pitfalls of on-line gambling such as:
— Boredom — the number-one crippler of bankrolls on the Internet. Boredom will cause everyone to play a higher limit than they're used to, just because it's the only game going at the moment
— Speed increases the margin for error — Online poker really magnifies mistakes, mostly by being so much faster than live games. Short-handed and heads-up play further amplify these mistakes by accelerating the pace of play even more

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