PDF Out of the Closet (Jarheads, #5): PDF

by Sean Michael

Following the first two "Jarheads" books, Three Day Passes and Tempering, Out of the Closet continues the story of Jim "Rock" South, Dick Main, and Alex "Rigger" Roberts. Rock has retired from the Marines, and the boys are moving to California to find the kind of life where they don't have hide their love, don't have to live in fear of losing jobs and getting their butts kicked, just for being who they are. They settle in California, ready for the good life. What they find is that life goes on, with all of the troubles and happy times they've always had, making them ever more grateful that they have each other. If you're a Jarheads fan you won't want to miss this one. And if you've never experienced these boys before, Out of the Closet will make a fan out of you.

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  • Out of the Closet (Jarheads, #5): PDF
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PDF Out of the Closet (Jarheads, #5)

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