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by Gus Sanchez

In this first - and hopefully last - collection of thought-provoking essays (read: blogs), minor Internet blogging sensation Gus Sanchez tackles a
variety of hard-hitting topics such as marriage, parenting, politics, racism, your lousy taste in music, hipsters, bad writers, rude supermodels, sex scandals of the rich and famous, and, um...Phil Collins.

Culled from seven years' worth of blogs taken from such blogging platforms as MySpace, WordPress, Blogger, and Open Salon, Out Where the Buses Don't Run is a collection of some of the best and most memorable blogs Gus Sanchez has ever posted. Well, the ones worth reprinting at least. With such classics as "How ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Ruined Male Bonding," "I Think I’m Gay, Or: 'I’ll Take ‘Musicals’ For $1,000, Alex!,'" "How Leggy Supermodel Christy Turlington Made Me
Self-Conscious About Smiling at Strangers in Public," and "On James Patterson, Or: You Can Shove Your Words of Wisdom Up Your Ass, You
Hack!" this anthology will read less like a self-absorbed missive and more like a thoughtful yet outrageously funny insight into the human condition.

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