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by Mercedes Segarra

Brightly colored illustrations, clear directions, and simple ingredients make "Yummy Snacks," a good first-recipe book for "little chefs," as long as there is plenty of adult assistance and supervision! As helpful as the direction about "Before You Start Cooking," are, using heat (ovens, burners), and cutting implements (knives, blenders) requires an adult in the kitchen to run , appliances and to ensure safety.The health tips at the end are also good advice, but young readers are likely to focus on the recipe of their choice to the exclusion of all other peripherals, including books and websites for additional information, the illustrated glossary, or the disclaimer that the recipes in the book may contain allergens.Readers may use some of the party planning ideas, but will search in vain for a table of contents.

Segarra has included recipes for mousse with cereal, chocolate shakes, apple pie, doughnut cake, pizza, ice cream cookie sandwiches, eggs in a nest, chicken sandwiches, jam, meat pie, cookies, and strawberry charlotte.No nutritional information (calories? fat content?) was available, but most households will be able to locate the ingredients easily.

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