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by Henrietta Bancroft

Some things never change and although this book was copyrighted in 1963, it is still a terrific book.I love the black, white and brown pictures that are inside this book describing animals in winter. The book starts off talking about what happens during fall: the leaves fall, grass is dead, insects are gone and now the animals/birds have to get ready for winter or what they do during the cold winter months.The rest of the book goes into detail about how they go about doing that. It talks about what birds do, what butterflies do, and even bats. Woodchucks or perhaps you know them as groundhogs or marmots are discussed in detail with great pictures of them gathering and sleeping underground. A pika is like a chipmunk and the author discusses what they do to get ready for the winter next. I had no idea these animals were such planners. We can't forget squirrels and mice, deers and rabbit and to round out the book we have the foxes.The author includes information on how some of the animals prepare for the winter and how they survive during the winter including what they eat, how they hunt and where they sleep.Great book and full of information for the little ones.

I have the original book that was written in 1963. There is a new version of this book and the words are the same but the pictures are totally different.

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